about ip israel patentsI.P. Israel Patents delivers quality, cost-effective intellectual property work with personal, reliable service.


Experience in patent prosecution can be critical for success in protecting your intellectual property. Susan Lifshitz, an Israel patent attorney, has years of patent experience and training with top Israeli law/patent attorney firms.


First and foremost, a good patent practitioner seeks to understand the invention. Susan has a doctoral degree + post-doctoral fellowship experience in biomedical, biotechnological, and/or chemical sciences**. Beyond this, Susan has years of experience in chemistry-based companies at the senior scientist/engineer level. 

Responsiveness and Personal Attention

An early filing date can be critical for protecting an invention. We thus strive to complete the patent drafting process within 1 month after receiving a complete disclosure, or even sooner in highly competitive fields. And the partner handling your case will be personally involved and conversant with your technology. 


We have associates and consultants in both biomedical/chemical fields and a variety of other disciplines.