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Our services in the field of patents include patent application drafting, prior art searches, patent prosecution, IP strategy analysis, and Opinions relating to due diligence, patentability, and freedom-to-operate. When appropriate, we assist clients in obtaining expedited examination or patent term extensions in relevant jurisdictions.

Dr. Susan Lifshitz has extensive education in life science and related disciplines and patent experience in a variety of life science - related disciplines.

Susan has personally prosecuted thousands of patent applications in the Israel Patent Office on behalf of major international companies, particularly in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. She knows many of the patent Examiners personally as a result of personal interviews with them on behalf of clients. 

IP-Israel's goal is to achieve effective patent protection for our clients at a reasonable cost through well-orchestrated, efficient drafting and prosecution. 

Fast-Track Patents

Stages in a patent application

  1. Define your invention.
  2. Write up a preliminary draft and drawings.
  3. Bring to patent attorney.
  4. File US provisional/Israel patent application within 1-4 weeks.
  5. Determine whether invention is complete/needs further development.

Fast-Track USA (USPTO) - if invention has been completed

Fast-Track Israel - if invention has been completed

 Fast-Track Patents in Great Britain (UK)